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    Our A-EMCA Preparation Course is designed to be a cumulative review of your PCP college experience while also adding vital tips and information about effective exam management and test taking to succeed.

  • Recharge Your Knowledge Base

    Accessing our course has been found to give clients increased rates of success alongside higher test results on average. Our favourite feedback is the overall confidence it instills to tackle both the A-EMCA exam as well as hiring tests faced on the path of gaining certification and employment!

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    Cross the finish line as the best version of yourself, we encourage you to invest in your own knowledge and use our available resources to ensure that YOU are able to achieve your victory!

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    As a current paramedic student, you have invested time from your life, as well as put thousands of dollars into your education. There is always the risk of failure when taking on the unknown, and for less than the cost of a latte every morning, we will work to provide you hours of resources and material to ensure you will find success!

  • Added Value

    With our membership, the days of reading notes and clicking through slides are done! We have interactive lessons planned, mock exams with direct feedback AND live lessons to get you the most value for your dollar. We have had great feedback from students utilizing our services during their course as an extra resource to ensure they get the most from their time and effort. Live sessions and additional material scheduled for delivery biweekly!

  • Member Exclusive Savings

    When you’re a member of our program, we offer exclusive discounts to attend all live events and discounted private tutoring rates! ***12-Month PLUS Members Gain FREE Access to their desired delivery dates of A-EMCA Live Delivery Course! ($500 Value) *** 8-Month and 12-Month Members Gain 50% Discount to access their desired delivery dates of A-EMCA Live Delivery Course! ($250 Value) Our other live services include ; -Service Hiring Preparation Seminar -Scenario and Interview Preparation -Resume Review and Building!

  • Multiple Plan Options

    Our multiple plan options allow you to pick the best option for you! If you’re using our material to assist you through your education, then longer memberships are the best value. If you’re simply using our material as a last minute review for an upcoming test, then monthly memberships are a great option! Our premium “12-Month Plus” gives you a one-year membership to use throughout your studies and ride-outs PLUS free attendance to our well-known live delivery A-EMCA Seminar!


  • 1

    Welcome to the Online Access Preparation Membership!

    • A message from Kyle

    • How to use this course

    • Welcome to the Medic Sense AEMCA Prep!

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    What to expect from the AEMCA

  • 3

    BLS and ALS updates

  • 4


    • Review anatomy

    • Airway conditions

    • Knowledge Check: Airway

  • 5

    Respiratory System

    • Review anatomy

    • Respiratory conditions

    • ETCO₂

    • Knowledge Check: Respiratory

    • Respiratory Live Lesson

  • 6

    Cardiac System

  • 7

    Neurological System

  • 8

    Abdominal / GI / GU

    • Anatomy and Basic Disorders

  • 9

    Endocrine System

    • Hormones, Glands, and Disorders

    • Knowledge check: Endocrine

  • 10

    Paediatrics and Obstetrics

    • Obstetrics, Mommy and Baby

    • Fetal Circulation - Khan Academy Video

    • Paediatric Anatomy, Assessment, Management

    • Emergency Childbirth Document

  • 11


    • Coming Soon

  • 12


    • Oncology and Patient Management

  • 13

    Shock, Fluid, and Electrolytes

    • Electrolytes and Fluid Balance

    • Shock

  • 14

    Environmental (Burns, Drowning, Diving, Altitude)

    • Burns

    • Environmental Responses

    • More Coming Soon

  • 15

    Pharmacology and PCP Medications

    • Review pharmacology

    • PCP Medications

    • Toxicology

    • Knowledge Check: Pharmacology

    • Medical Math: Arithmetic

    • Medical Math: Formulas

  • 16

    Patient Care

    • History taking

    • Basic Equipment Review

  • 17

    Medical Legal & Documentation

    • Medical Legal

    • Primary Surveys

    • Reporting

    • Mental Health Act - Presentation created and owned by LHSC

  • 18

    Ethical Decision Making

    • Ethical Decision Making and Examples

  • 19

    A-EMCA practice exams

    • Practice AEMCA exams

    • AEMCA EXAM #1

    • AEMCA EXAM #2

  • 20

    Live Sessions

    • RECORDING - Crush Injury - Jul-2022

    • RECORDING - Trauma - Sep-2022

    • Copy of Respiratory Live Lesson

  • 21

    A-EMCA Preparation Seminar Recording

    • April 29 (Day 1)A-EMCA Preparation Virtual Seminar Recording

    • April 30th (Day 2) A-EMCA Preparation Virtual Seminar Recording

    • May 20 (Day 1) A-EMCA Preparation Virtual Seminar Recording

    • May 21 (Day 2) A-EMCA Preparation Virtual Seminar Recording

  • 22

    Next steps

    • Congratulations, you've finished!

    • Before you go...

About Your Instructor


Kyle Ferguson

Kyle is the Owner and Founder of Medic Sense. It was started in 2016 to be a resource for Paramedic students as well as working paramedics to keep their skills sharp and allow for private practice and courses. The original idea came as a lot of prospective paramedics may not be successful in being hired in their first attempt, however, it is through continual practice and feedback that they can continue to have their skills sharp and ready for future job applications. Kyle is a newly certified ACP working at Niagara EMS and has been working as a Primary Care Paramedic since May 2015. Prior to his Primary Care Paramedic education, Kyle attended the University of Guelph where he obtained a Biological Science Degree.


  • I was always struggling keeping up in class, is this course right for me?

    Our team has been working hard to get this form of delivery available in order to ensure different needs of clients can be met! We know that each person has different learning styles as well as time commitments, so working at your own pace with continued material and support is how we are able to ensure your success.

  • I have a very busy schedule with school, work, or childcare... is there specific time commitments?

    With our course, we make sure you have the most FLEXIBILITY currently available in the market! There are no specific dates you will have to arrange to attend and all of the material is readily available for you to go through as much as required. Our progress bar will continue to move as you work through the sections, so you know exactly where you left off and what needs to be completed!

  • With the sections and tests, is it just videos or is there good feedback as well?

    Each section of the course is multiple presentations that are narrated with discussion throughout as well as practice questions along the way for you to check your understanding. Every mock exam that is present also contains explanations of why the answers are correct, so you don't feel like you are simply given the correct answer but also how to get there on your own in the future.


Passed my exam!

Matt S.

I have used Medic Sense specifically the AEMCA prep course and also private tutoring from Kyle himself and found it was extremely helpful and a fantastic resource. I can say with a smile that he makes it easier going into the exam with his help and guidance! Highly recommending both the course and 1 on 1 tutoring.

Wish I used these guys sooner...

Mark W.

I’ve passed my AEMCA thanks to Kyle and his well detailed notes. I had written the AEMCA multiple times without success but Medic Sense helped me improve on my weak areas of study and consolidate the information that was most important to understand and remember. If it’s either the prep course or private tutoring, I recommend you don’t hesitate to enroll. It’s always a good idea to have that extra edge and prep. The feeling of passing is an incomparable one!

Great weekend course

Vanessa S-L

Would recommend this course to everyone!! Such a great refresher with awesome resources! Thanks Kyle and Joel you guys are absolutely wonderful!!

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